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Great Ideas for Dog Lovers!

Furbaby Fanatics was inspired by the gorgeous dog portrait work of Niki Firmin. Following numerous requests from you to see Niki's gorgeous work appear on a number of items such as cushions, tote bags, mugs and even mouse mats, we felt we had to oblige. Your wish became our command and so Furbaby Fanatics was born! But Furbaby Fanatics had to be about more than simply creating an online store. It had to have a value, and so now Furbaby Fanatics help dogs in need with every purchase made on our website. We currently work with a small number of dog charities in the UK that help dogs in need of assistance, particularly with rescue and re-homing as these are such big issues currently. To follow our updates and our involvement with such dog charities sign up for our Newsletter. So remember, when you purchase anything from Furbaby Fanatics you know you are contributing to our 'Help Us Help Them' initiative, and we thank you for that.